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Hi guys,

my distributor is leaking oil and I want to replace it. I know, could be the o-ring only, but I think I better change the whole thing.

I have a 1997, RAV4 (3SFE) living in Australia.

Searching online I found out that the price difference can quite vary.

When searching for 19100-74230 I generally find more expensive distributor for about 200-400$. (e.g. New Distributor Toyota RAV4 1996 1997 2 0L 19100 74230 1910074230 DST74427 | eBay)

When searching for 19100-74081 I find very cheap ones around 50$. (e.g. FOR Toyota Corolla Corona Celica 3SFE 2pin Connector 19100 74081 NEW Distributor | eBay)

Now, does anyone know what the big difference is? They all new. I think all of them aren't original OEM parts right? Does anyone have experience with the cheaper item? Are they any good?

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