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This mod was given to me by a great innovator. (aka The Guru Derek Nishimura). He's from Hawaii. He had one of the greatest RAV4 when the RAV4.1 were the big dogs in town. Now we have RAV4. 2, 3, 4 and the rest is history. He was the pioneer with the RAV4.1 and made his own Angel Eyes out of the BMW kit, home made. He created the custom ground installation setup which is here. + here .

One of the home made parts, that at that time were not available were the rear shock tower bar. I tried to make one. But, despite it being extremely easy and very cheap, I lack time. So, to my surprise, when he left the forum by selling his RAV4. He send me the rear bar for free. THAT was Derek. A great friend. Where ever he is, God bless man.

So, I guess its time for me to share this simple mod. These are the pictures. The bar, as he told me. He picked it up on EBay. Its a carbon fiber round tube. As you can see, the measurements are there. The installation is extremely easy. I'll keep digging for more pictures and information. RAV Heavy, RAV HARD, but keep RAVin.:thumbs_up: Now let me change this Doobie Brother Collection CD. :wink Today is Friday.


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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