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Here's the perfect DIY instructions Ken4 posted in Toyotanation:

Ken4 said:
First I jack up the front end. I do this so that I dont need to start the engine. Lifting the front end means I can simply turn the steering wheel and pump out the fluid.

Then I cover the surrounding area with lots of rags. In my case that would be old underwear. LOL.

I use an old shampoo pump bottle to pump out the old fluid from the reservior.

I then top up with fresh Castrol Dex III, I buy them in 18L buckets. Next comes the secret, the correct connectors. One to connect the return hose to a bucket.

And the other to act like a plug to cap off the reservoir inlet.

So the connection looks something like this.

I use transparent plastic hose with ID about 9mm. I lead the return hose to a bucket.

After all the connections are in place. I simply turn the steering left and right. Fluid pumps out easily. Like doing a blood transplant.

I dont allow the fluid to drop too much in the reservoir. I cautiously top up quickly. Cos if air enters the PS system, that would be disaster. In my case, I discovered once I started the fluid flowing, I didnt have to turn the steering no more, the fluid was flowing out by itself, 'siphon effect'. Within a minute, fresh fluid was already coming out the return side. The PS system only has about 1L of fluid in it. The total amount of new fluid I used was only about 1.5L. So now I remove the connectors and reconnect the return hose to the reservoir. There will be some small spillage cos new fluid will be coming out the reservoir inlet. This is where the rags (or underwear) comes handy. I covered the reservoir area very well cos I was afraid oil might get on to the belts but it was really overkill. The amount that spilled out was very little. Just one rag under the reservior would have been sufficient. It took me less than 30mins to do the DIY flush. This flush was as simple as doing an oil change. The connectors and hose cost my S$5. 1.5L of Dex III is about S$6
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