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Does anone have a good pic of Bacelona red Rav 4?

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Every photo I can find has poor lighting,even on Toyota sites.I would like to see a clear photo in good lighting.I would love to see one,thank you all.This site has good info,always check owner forums of every car or motorcycle I am interested in.If there is a problem it will be talked about.Gotta love the internet.I think my son 's Camry of 10 years ago was Barcelona red,I loved it.I find it hard to believe how hard it is to find a good true photo.A good forum is priceless,has really helped on motorcycles.Maybe in 48 hours I will have my Rav 4.Guess it is Rav 5 next year?I just made it!:D
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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