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TIP here LuckiestLiz - but I have to ask, "any golf courses & golf equipment, in Alaska"?...:D

Kelly's family has a newer SUV (2008 Toyota RAV4 Limited v6) and Dad doesn't want to clean nose prints of front windows, on a daily basis / or have toenail dents on console lid & front leather seat paw damage:

So I cut the padded shoulder strap off an old & damaged golf bag / so basically a free bucket seat barrier modification, that never gets removed, until the day comes to sell the SUV
- used the re-purposed harness to restrict girl from jumping into leather bucket seats, at will
- the shoulder harness on junked golf bag, had 4 nylon anchor straps
- 2 straps were threaded around the top head rest posts / other 2 straps (longer) were threaded on the back seat frame brackets, on the floor

Dog lays mostly on the folded down seat - so we now have a thick LLBean dog bed, covering the 2nd row partial seat back & passenger & center side head rest back.
- works perfect, as our Doberman is trained to not jump over the harness barrier
- dog bed is easy to store away, in trunk / if we have to transport a few extra people

1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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