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Dreaded 34 ABS

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So we have the very pretty dashboard. Anyway as the problem seems to be the LR abs sensor, how people have replaced both rear sensors at the same time? Figure that we would do this ourselves we might as well replace both.
Thanks for reading and responding.
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ABS sensors do not need to be replaced in pairs like shocks and brakes. Just because one is bad does not mean the other is not far behind.

Be careful of the quality you are buying. Moog is good, and like most everything, is made in China. AutoZone is ok if you are selling the vehicle tomorrow.

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I agree. My left rear sensor was replaced a couple years ago. Because it was quite expensive I cleaned and messed with the original one a couple of times before finally buying the new sensor. Then when the right rear started lighting errors a year ago I found it here: Toyota RAV4 Rav 4 2006 2012 Rear Right Passenger ABS Wheel Speed Sensor | eBay for about $100 less than the left so I just replaced it w/o attempts fix the original.
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