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So, I just got 1997 RAV4 from a friend - he's had it from new, garaged, regularly serviced, only 60k miles. Runs great. The only obvious issue is a drive train "clunk", especially when letting off the gas or changing gear.

After googling around and reading a lot of threads here, I figured it was the diff mounts, so I replaced those (using the DM Greentech heavy duty ones), which was not much fun - the front mount is a bear. Unfortunately, although the front mount was obviously badly worn, this hasn't cured the clunking. It's definitely less pronounced, but still there.

Any ideas on what to look at next? It's definitely coming from the rear of the car, so I figure about the only two things left to look at are the half shafts, or the diff itself. I had to pull the half shafts off the diff to replace the mounts, and there's no obvious issues - the boots are intact. But I didn't really check for play in them.

Diagnostic suggestions gratefully received!

-- hugh
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