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I wonder if any of you guys have ever been in a mess like I am in at the moment with my Rav.

In brief:

On 4 February 2005 I purchased a 2002 Toyota Rav4 2.0 D4D GX from Listers Toyota of Boston, Lincolnshire under Toyota’s Approved Used Car Scheme with 26,552 miles on the clock. I did all the usual checks including a HPI and the car seemed to be good so I went ahead and bought it for £13,989.00. In addition to this, I also took out Toyota’s own Gap insurance and signed up to Listers own Toyota service plan.

Middle of November, 2005
The Dual Mass Flywheel failed and was replaced (under dealer’s warranty) together with a new clutch by my local Toyota dealer – Inchcape Toyota of West Bridgford, Nottingham. In the first instance I contacted the dealer I bought the car from (Listers of Boston) but they said they would only be able to look at the car if I was able to transport it to them. The RAC would only transport it to my nearest Toyota Dealer so that’s why it ended up with Inchcape.

Late January, 2006
The Dual Mass Flywheel failed yet again and was replaced (under parts warranty) together with a new clutch by my local Toyota dealer – Inchcape Toyota of West Bridgford, Nottingham. When questioned as to why this had happened again, I was told it was probably a faulty part that had been supplied to them by Toyota.

The car did not feel the same once I got it back. The engine sounded different to me, the clutch bite and gear change felt different and also the fuel economy seemed to have gone down.

In the first instance I contacted the dealer I bought the car from (Listers of Boston) and yet again they said they would only be able to look at the car if I was able to transport it to them so off it went to Inchcape.

Thursday 23rd February, 2006
Returning from a short journey and about a mile from home, I noticed that when I tried to accelerate up through 3rd gear, the car would not go past the 38 – 40MPH stage. It seemed like it was being held back. No matter how much you depressed the accelerator pedal the engine would not rev any higher. There was also a slight burning smell and I noticed the Engine Block shaped “Take Vehicle To Dealer” warning light had illuminated on the dash. By this time I was nearly home so using a combination of high gears with low revs and some coasting I got home and contacted the dealer I bought it from. Listers YET AGAIN said I would have to transport the car at my own cost to them before they would look at it and pretty much gave the impression they didn’t want to know.

I then contacted Inchcape Toyota and arranged for Green Flag recovery to transport the car to them. As of today, they have yet to contact me regarding this latest fault and I have had no offer of a courtesy car.

I contacted Customer Services at Toyota UK to complain about the catalogue of faults and voice my general feelings only to be told that although Toyota UK would be very happy to act as, quote “a go-between”, the contract of purchase is between the dealer and myself and it is them I should look to for resolution. Being blunt: they have “passed the buck”.

It may be worth mentioning that as I was able to negotiate an extended dealer warranty of three months at the time of purchase, the dealer warranty is still in effect and does not run out until May of this year.

I contacted the Office of Trading Standards for advice and they said that I may have a claim under the “Sale Of Goods Act” that states that goods must be: fit for the purpose for which they are sold, and in a fit state to be sold including free of any defects or faults. Trading Standards allocated me a reference number and advised me to write to Listers and reject the car. They told me to either ask for a refund of the purchase price or, more realistically ask for the car to be exchanged for another of the same standard, value and mileage. They also said to mention to Listers the fact that Trading Standards are aware of the situation and have asked to be kept informed. They also said that if Listers does not resolve this dispute they may choose to become involved directly.

My basic question to you is can you offer any advice or point me in any direction?
Can you advise on where I may stand or what action I may take?

I have kept a detailed log of events since the first Fly wheel failed – who I spoke to and at what time etc. I have also managed to find out that Mr Terry Lister is the Managing Director of the Listers Group and I have his office address – is it worth writing to him directly?

Should I threaten or actually write to people like BBC TV’s Watchdog?

I am really grasping at straws I know and it is so hard for this not to become personal. Before I bought the Rav, for years I drove a battered old Peugeot 405 with over 150,000 on the clock and it gave me fantastic fairly trouble free motoring. I had to literally save every penny I could to buy the Rav and even then I was only able to do so thanks to a loan from my partner. I researched every source I could find before making a Rav4 my choice of 4X4. I bought numerous 4x4 and Car magazines (including What Car) and checked review after review.

As I live out in the country and the Rav is my ONLY form of transport it is vital and completely essential to my life that it is 100% reliable. Also, as I am a self employed DJ and use the Rav to travel to and from gigs I need my vehicle in order to earn my living. Each time the Rav is off the road due to its latest fault I am loosing money in lost fees or car hire. This car really does have a huge impact on my life either good or bad and I originally made the choice to ensure the very situation I now find myself in did not happen in the first place. Everywhere I looked said the Rav4 was a great car, a good workhorse and extremely reliable. Also Toyota as a company has a good reputation for great service and happy customers.

As you can imagine I now feel totally different. I am both livid and horrified. My emotions run from utter despair to a steely determination to resolve matters in my favour. I have no confidence in my car what so ever or in the fact that my money was spent wisely.

Any help or advice would be gratefully accepted and thank you for reading this

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Sorry to hear about your situation. I wouldn't threaten anyone yet. Have you carefully read the warranty info that those service plans provided? You may have other options. Have you spoken to a supervisor level person to explain the repeated problem? Do that next. Best wishes on getting this problem resolved quickly and inexpensively.

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Hi RAV4Don.

Thank you for your reply, I appreciate it.

I have just finished checking the service plan details as you suggested but I can not see anything that might refer to my particular problem.

I wonder if there is something that I might have missed ?



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Hi Kenny

Sorry to hear you have problems with your D4-D clutch/flywheel. I have heard of this before, I tow a caravan, and chap I meet on a camp, told me that his had failed reversing his van up a hill.

When I purchased mine, the service manager at the dealer told me to watch the clutch for the first few thousand miles, bit sharp. He said the engine and clutch just get better as the miles go on. Well I have to say with around 33,000 miles on the clock thats exactly what has happened. I can't say I have experienced any problems myself, with or without a trailer.

I have found a service bulletin, which may help, click on the link

How has your clutch/flywheel failed?
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