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My 97 RAV is tossin out 401 codes (insuffecient EGR flow detected). 176k miles, 2WD, ect....

What Ive done....
Ive pulled the VSV and tested it. Coil works, switches between correct ports. (what a fun thing to get to!)

I have directly applied vacuum to the EGR valve. It clicks readily when it gets vacuum. With a cold engine I can hear hte engine load down a bit. On a warm engine it really starts to hate me. (runs very rough). From other posts in here, that sounds like correct operation. Ive reset the code and it comes back after a few drives.

My questions....
Could it still be plugged up? (I am prepared to pull the throttle body and EGR off for cleaning next weekend if needed.)
What detects the insuffecient flow?
What else should I be looking at?

I just replaced the front O2 sensor. The EGR codes started while the O2 sensor was making its mind up on if it wants to die or not. Car runs great otherwise.. It idles smoother and gets great mileage with the check engine light on. (got 30.25 mpg on my last long trip)
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