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Engine lurching when cold

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I have a new 2022 RAV4 gas engine. I have noticed that when the engine is cold, in order to get moving you have to push the gas peddle down and then it lurches. Once it does this it runs fine the rest of the day. I read in a review that this is normal. It just started doing this, any thoughts? Thanks.
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There is the auto stop/start that you may be reading about. That is where the engine will shut off when conditions are right and you have enough pressure on the brake pedal. When you release brake or move the steering wheel (or put sport mode on or I think mess with climate control like turn ac/defrost on) the engine will restart.
If you stop and don't have enough pressure on the pedal, it will not stop engine. There is a message usually on the info display to tell you to press harder to stop engine. (it is possible the message was disable is this is what you are experiencing)
stop/start will not engage when in sport mode
when stop/start is active, there is a circle A light that is on in cluster.

If it is not the stop/start lurch that you are feeling, then not sure. (I don't think it is the stop/start since it only seems to happen once for you..)
This is normal for the 8-speed even on the Camry and Highlander. These transmissions run very hot, around 200F so they will shift harsh over 4th gear until you are at optimal fluid temperature.
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