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A 2001 Rav4 with a faulty O2 sensor,Bank2 sensor2, can I check this switch with
> a multimeter to see if it is faulty?
What should the resistance reading be?
And is there a bridging method of reading the fault on the ECU memory,without the use of a external diagnostic unit, like
earlier models in the toyota range, and how is it done?What to watch for while doing this? What price are O2 sensors?

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O2 sensors are the only sensors on your vehicle that actually produce amps or milliamps as the case may be. I believe they range from 0-.5. They can be tested but I haven't done so. I do know that unless you test them properly, you will destroy them. They cost about $50 to $125 US depending. I just replace them when they have about 50k miles on them.

All my experience is with 8 cylinder GM vechiles. A bank 2 sensor 2 PO code is a passenger post cat sensor. Even if it was bad your vehicle would run just fine. This sensor just tests the functioning of the cat.
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