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Hi, Just started the moding of my RAV4 after having it for 4 mouths.
I can't seem to find much in the way of parts in the UK for the car, So can any one give me some pointers as what is the best upgrades for the 3SFE.
I also seen some nice pictures of a AEM intake on this forum but can't seem to find any one that stocks one for the RAV4.

Thanks for any help :D

Rob :)

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Well, not in the UK, but a little to the south west of the UK. There is a ton of parts, but unfortunately in bloody USA. I can give you some advice and some links. goes to Toyota
Also try for very valuable information.
How to port heads Port & Fuel Mods/index.htm
Regarding the 3SFE engine, I have a turbo kit ready to go. But my wife wants a home. So it is on hold for the moment. Andrew, he installed a 3SGTE engine in his RAV4, but he can't find any one to race him :lol: :lol: . Na, he has a very cool ride, check him out in this forum and at Derek is the guru of home detailing. He has one of the neatest rav4 in the USA. Watch EBay, they sometimes have some very hard to find parts from TRD for the RAV4.1. Summit Racing in Ohio has Headers; also the guys from are putting together a group to buy 10 headers check Moza on that one.

You should checkout all the posting in this forum, their are lots of good advice and camaraderie. Check Nelson [Checho], Rooster B, dnylrg, Franco [but he is in Irak], The Drifter, Mohit [who is Moza], Stelly and a bunch of other RAV4 Ravers. Me, well, I'm mensajero [the messenger] I'm just trying to keep up with the gang, welcome dude. :)

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Thanks Mensajero, I will look in to the links.

I did think of putting the 3SGTE engine in as I have friends with MR2 Turbo's and GT4's but I think it would be a lot of work and it would drink too much gas.... they only seem to get about 18MPG max... :shock:

I'm keeping a good eye on ebay for parts.

Rob :D
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