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Hello there DIYers -

I want to share my misfired/shuddered issue with my 2007 Toyota Rav4 2.4L (has 189k miles). I headed to work this morning and all of a sudden the car shook and CIL/VSC lights came on, so I pulled it over. I turned off the engine and then cranked it back on again with the same issue. I turned around and headed back home. I plugged in the engine code reader and got P0303/P0303P, so I did some researches and thought the spark plugs were bad. I grabbed 4 new spark plugs at a local part store and hopefully, that solved the problem. I removed the first ignition coil and it soaked in oil. OMG, I thought to myself "it is the end to this car?." In addition, the other 3 spark plugs go the same issue. I moved on with the spark plug replacement by cleaning out all the oil in the ignition coils before put in a new spark plug. I did more researches about the oil in the spark plugs and found out for this engine that there was a seal for it. This seal goes along with the cover head gasket sealer. After putting in new spark plugs, the engine still shaking like before, so I knew at least one ignition coil was bad. I grabbed a new gasket cover sealer and one ignition coil (didn't want to buy 4 b/c local auto part store was expensive). I tested the ignition coil by letting the engine runs and unplug each coil to determine which one failed. It was ignition coil #3 was bad so I replaced it with the new one. Once I put everything back together, cranked it up again, and it was back to normal. BTW, I will replace all 4 ignition coils with the OEM parts soon. I highly recommend you replace the head cover gasket sealer for the 2.4L if you have not done so.

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