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Not a fan.

I finally pulled the trigger on setting this app up on my 16 RAV4 SE to use to help me get to my grandniece's first birthday party. It was not really difficult to get set up, very simple after watching a couple of youtube videos.

I did decide to take the new 99 tollway (last free day) from 249 to 290 in Houston, which btw, was not on the app. Kind of expected that. Headed east on 290 and noticed the construction had exit signs down, and smaller orange signs with little to no warning. I knew I needed Barker-Cypress but was not sure where it would come up from where I was.

Since I had not received any directives since exiting onto 99 from 249, I flipped over to the app on the screen and saw there was a notice in small letters. Well, my 50+ yr old eyes could not read it without bifocal and my sunglasses don't have that feature. So, off with the sunglasses, on with the bifocals (try that in HTown traffic in a construction zone with concrete barriers all around). Read the screen that said, "please restart from your phone."


So, resetting the Scout from my phone (so much with handsfree) driving down 290 in construction zones, just in time for the directive, exit right as I watch the little orange sign that says Barker-Cypress pass me by.

Well hell.

Took the next exit, and with a five or six mile reroute, finally made it.

Overall, there is a map of the route as long as you don't have a turn within a mile or so, but it is so small I could not see where I was on the map, or if it even showed this. I guess I'll have to have someone in the car.

Likes: it verbalizes directions through the entune system. My Garmin verbalizes, too, just not through the RAV4. It gave me several route options to take, and I was able to choose which one, even though I did not follow it completely. I do that to my Garmin all the time and Carmen the Garmin yells at me every single time. And that's about it.

Dislikes: The fact it disconnected without letting me know. Was it an issue with a data connection? Maybe, but the app on the phone was still working. Map size, way too small. could be improved with the option of a bird's eye view. My Garmin is only slightly bigger than what they allotted for the map, but it was a map of the entire route.

Anyone else use this app? Any thoughts? Am I doing something wrong?
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