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Last month I bought a 2014 RAV4 Limited. My Galaxy 8 cell phone will pair, but I never get the Contacts or Call History options on my phone. It's really odd. I don't have this problem if I pair my phone to my mom's Corolla, and if my daughter pairs her Galaxy 8 with my RAV4 the Contacts and Call History options show up on her phone.
Deleting my personal info from Entune, clearing bluetooth cache, re-pairing my phone a million times, plus numerous other troubleshooting steps did not fix the problem. The only thing left is to update the Entune firmware. The head unit is Model 13TDANNA-CA01, firmware AU.35.05. When I go to the Software Update screen with the USB key in I get a message, The software update cannot be started because the media is in use. Please try again when the media is no longer in use. There appears to be 4 mp3 files in /usr/share/ETFS/Ringtone that play when the USB key is scanned. I tried calling Toyota, but that was a waste of 30 minutes. They could only tell me to take my car to the dealership. I'm really hoping someone else has seen this issue with the firmware and can share the fix.

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