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Good news!
For those who missed Folder playback from USB. Actually Bluetooth, not USB.
I just got a SanDisk Clip sport Plus 16GB. It has Bluetooth.
Tried with my 16 RAV4 Entune and connected via Bluetooth.
The SanDisk player has an option play from folder in a dedicated "Folder" menu.

This a partial workaround for me. Here what I have found so far:
- PC will recognize it as a drive with letter assigned. Same as USB thumb drive.
- Create folders and copy music into folders as you usually do.
- Go back to car and sync BT.
- Select in SanDisk player menu "Folder" and select your music folder.
- Now you can listen you music albums from SandDisk player in correct order.

- You can control Play, Pause, <<, >> from RAV4 headunit.
- Steering controls work to control SanDisk playback.
- SanDisk Player starts automatically when you start you car! Wow! This is very cool. Last time I saw this feature in portable Sony Car Discmans.
- It remembers the last mp3 track and will continue to play.
- If you switch Audio Source on Entune headunit, the SanDisk player will pause!

- No music info shows on headunit. No artist, album or filename.
- If you turn off your car, but do not turn off BT playback, the SanDisk player will continue to play. Sucks. I will try to contact SanDisk and ask them about.
- The player LCD is low quality and hard to see menu. Just good enough.
- You cannot change folders from headunit. You have to do it from SanDisk player.
- The Bluetooth (Plus) player does not have SD Card slot.
- Entune will not see SanDisk as USB drive. Only BT.

Any questions?
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