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I have searched the forum for windshield fluid pumps but I have seen topics only for the US and probably CANADA 2.4 liter gasoline RAV4s.

Mine is for the Europe Market with 2.0 liter and 150 horse power model.

I have checked and according to the catalog I see only one windshield fluid pump.

My question is how many pumps do I have one or two?

The front shield jets are not working and I dont' hear any noise when I activate the front windshield wipers and fluid.

The rear wind works fine it dispenses water and the pump is making noise.

Now if there is only one pump how on Earht is this possible?

I have eliminated the jets. I have unplugged the hose that leads to the front washer jets and started the wiper blades no fluid is coming out of the hose.

So it is more likely the pump.

Can this be serviced my removing the front passenger head lamp or I have to take out the wheel and the plastic protector under the bumper?

Sorry for the picture quality this is the hose that I have unplugged.


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