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NC '19 Rav4 Hybrid Limited, Entune 3.0, Adaptive Headlights, Advanced Technology Package
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The Rav4 hybrid has a very small battery, not designed for high speeds or relatively long distances like a plug-in Prime. So think of using EV for backing out of a garage early in the morning and late at night and waiting to start the gas till you are at the end of the driveway because your significant other had a rough night or the baby is sleeping or you don't want the gas fumes to be left in the garage. Eco mode is the mode that uses the battery when it can, normal puts more priority on the ICE and Sport uses both ICE and battery for max power at the cost of efficiency.

I've gone maybe a mile at less than 25 MPH in EV with no HVAC. Once over that it must switch automatically to one of the other modes.

I've owned a Toyota hybrid since 2012 and probably 99% of the time it was in ECO mode.
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