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Extra fog/driving lights

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Since I do a great deal of night driving, I am adding lights to the car. I've used Hella before and I am considering these

My question is the alternator. Will I need to upgrade it for the additional power?
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500 amps???......Most med duty alts are about 65 amps, and the hi-output ones about 100 my knowledge....correct me if wrong.....
With the F-250, did you mount the lites over the cab??? My 4.1 had the high factory roof racks and I slung 2 cheap driving lites under the front cross-bar.....what a difference the height made. The trick, as I see it, is to mount them far enough back so no lite falls on the hood.
I used to feed my lites from a piggy-back fuse holder on the rear defroster fuse (heavy factory wiring) and thru a relay. The relay was controlled by the hi-beam voltage, which meant no fumbling for a switch when meeting on-coming traffic.
I can only imagine what a good set of pencil beams would be like mounted on the RAVs roof rack............
Pics when you're finished!!!.....or it didn't happen....:wink
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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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