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2008 Rav4 4 cylinder, AWD, 155,000 miles

Started getting a fault code P0741 which is a Torque Converter Solenoid fault. The car has been showing no signs of any transmission issues, no hesitation in shifting, no noise.

Rather than go to dealer and be told I need a new Trannie, I took the car to my mechanic to check it out. He checked everything and tested the solenoid and found nothing. The fluid was fine, no sign of metal in it, no other problems found. Had him do the service figuring maybe that would do it. Nope - light came on after 20 miles of driving. SO I had him replace the solenoid just in case.

Light came on. Cleared the code and it is showing a pending code after a couple miles. He is puzzled and thinks it could be a wiring of computer issue, but is pretty much stuck.

Couple of questions -
1) Any risk if I just clear the code when it happens and keep driving?
2) Any ideas what it might be? I am not prepared to spend thousands on a new transmission.

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