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FNG here

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Howdy folks,

I'm new to the forum and wanted to let you know what I drive and what I'm thinking about doing to it.

A little bit about myself, I'm former Army and spent 5 years in the service. After that I went to Kansas State University and earned a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering. I just received a job at Ford working in their hybrid division. I currently live in Wyandotte, MI.

I drive a 1999 4.1 RAV4 and I love this thing. Now that I'm out of college and working for a living, I have some time and money to tinker with it. It's completely stock now, but I have some ideas I'd like to mess around with.

First off, if I had the cash, I would totally electrify the thing and try to get about 100 miles range out of it. The RAV4 EVs were insanely popular and had some great engineering under the hood. If it wasn't for the patent rights to the NiM batteries being hoarded by some nefarious folks, there'd be a lot more of those vehicles on the road and they'd probably still be in production.

But, since I'm not made out of money, I'd probably just like to lift it and do some other neat electronics projects with it. I'll keep you posted if anything neat like that comes along.
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There have been looks and I have to park it very far away from the manufacturing plants or the UAW will vandalize it... but I gotta say, I love my little RAV4. The engineers at Toyota did a really great job with it and it really has lasting power.
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