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Last weekend(Memorial day) i had a long trip to wisconsin Dells.
Total mileage both way are 1100..
I did see 5 Rav4 in Dells.

It was fine drive while going, but when i came back, i did have some issue with accelerator(some thread is going on the same issue),
when i tried to over take another car, my Rav4 was not picking up the speed(i was at 72) i pressed gas petal as much i can but the speed wasn't increased for couple of minutes and suddenly it was kicking and jumped the speed to 80s...immediately i pressed break to reduce the speed and all passenger said they had big jerk whtn RAV4 was kicking.... Too bad . Toyota should look at this issue and fix as quickly as possible.

Other than above issue my trip with RAV4 was very nice and enjoyed the drive. After completing one month with RAV4, it is now 1900s , so another 3 or 4 months no long trip..

By the way, i got 25 to 26 in highway.
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