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Just changed my Fron trotors on Rav4 2006 4Cyl yesterday. While inspecting the Sliding pins, noticed one of the pins has a plastic bushing , and that sliding pin does not move at all and cause the pin is kind of Jam, Hardly removed it from housing and there is no way you put the pin with plastic bushing installed . If it goes in, that is very tight ( even with special grease).

Just I removed the bushing and placed the pin without it, Just wondering, Is that cause any issue in future or safety problem if we do not install that Busing at the top of the Slidign pins on bracket? my old Rotor was un-evenly worn , I think that was because of the sliding pin jamed (due to those bushings).
any input is apprecaited.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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