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I tried to wind the driver's window down the other week only to find that the motor ran and the window stayed where it was. Then a loud bang as the window suddenly disappeared into the door. It seems one window bracket had broken and the other came unstuck! :cry:

The Toyota dealer told me I could not buy a new bracket, but had to buy the whole window with brackets already bonded to it for 85GBP + tax. No way!! :evil:

After a short spell of thinking :idea: I went to a scrap yard and bought a small block of scrap aluminium for 1GBP, got a tube of kitchen & bathroom sealant and two elastic bands and had a go at a DIY fix. Job done and the window is working fine ... so far. :D

I include an illustration and drawing below (also in my album) for anyone else who might have a similar problem and who may want to have a go. If you want a PDF with my complete instructions (no guarantees!) let me know and I'll email them to you.

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