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Need to downsize my vehicle collection(junk yard). I live in Florida now so don't really need a winter vehicle anymore. I drove it down here from Michigan without a problem. Has 226k on the odometer, still runs great and starts up every time without hesitation. Has some rust but still a pretty solid vehicle. The previous owner cobbled together an exhaust system and welded it with what looks like a crayon and a lighter(ok not really but it's up there for worst welding jobs) That being said it's pretty loud in the upper RPM range. I didn't mind it as deer are too busy staring in disgust instead of jumping out in front of you. There's plenty of good parts if you wanted it as a parts vehicle or continue to make use of it as a reliable winter beater.

-Clean MI title
-Set of Cooper Discoverer M+S tires with only a few thousand miles
-starts up every time
-shifts smoothly
-no center diff issues
-aftermarket Pioneer Headunit with ipod hookup in the glovebox
-A/C and heat works great
-3 cup holders at your disposal
-Has those sweet glass housing headlights
-Fender flares

-Has some rust issues (Michigan/Illinois vehicle) drivers door has the worst of it followed by the spot on passenger side rocker. There's also some on the wheel well arches
-Has an Aftermarket sunroof doesn't work and has been sealed
-Needs some suspension work (front struts and balljoints)
-Needs exhaust (previous owner was not a very good welder)
-Has a CEL for downstream O2 sensor (pretty sure the giant exhaust leak of an exhaust system is causing this)

Asking Price
-$1200 obo

I'll get some more pics up tomorrow
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