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Hi Everyone, This is probably the saddest post, but my Rav4 caught fire, somewhere in the engine unexpectedly. At the time it had just under 100,000 miles and I was the second owner, when I bought it at 69,000 miles. The car was in great condition. I loved this car and it was a nightmare to see it go up in flames.

I am offering it for sale, with the idea that it may make a great project car for an enthusiast. I would also be open to parting it out, depending on the part.

Some details:
Interior damage to the glove compartment box, roof fabric where the fire ate its way in.
All chairs are intact and were at the time of the fire in great condition.
Front right tire is damaged, but spare was almost new. The damage is localized to the front of the vehicle but the doors and rear are still good.

I will attach a few pictures but I can send more on request. Car is in ND.
PS. Toyota conducted an investigation but the results were inconclusive and they deemed it not their fault.


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