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For Sale, Maybe

Rare Classic 2000 Toyota RAV-4 L AWD Special Edition, w/ Leather
A.k.a. the "Green Machine"

This has been the best all-around vehicle we've ever owned, so we likely won't let it go (would have serious sellers' remorse) -- you will have to really, really want it and have very deep pockets of cold, hard cash to pry this survivor away from us. Think quite a bit more than we paid for it in 2003, so not even close to KBB, etc. for non-classics. Read this entire post carefully before personal messaging (PM'ing; "Conversations" on this website) me. Located in N.E. Kansas, near I-70.

We're the second owners (since 2003, so 17 years in 2020; always garaged with us), and it was one of our daily-drivers for the first 13 or so of those years. However, it has been in backup service these last four years to our newer, often-unreliable drivers; in the few times I've made long road trips in those four years, I drove this RAV-4 instead due to it being more reliable than our current cars! We bought the RAV4 in 2003 as a three-year-old vehicle with 64,000 miles, but we live in a small town and don't need to drive that much so only put 2,600 miles per year on it, on average, since we bought it.

If someone convinces me of their intense interest and deep pockets, I'll then need a week or so to do my normal detailing, gathering the papers, etc. I'll take and post updated/more pictures then. If you read my posts on this site (or the prior version of RAV4World before its year or two being offline, years ago), be aware that we also had a FWD 2000 (the "Silver Bullet," was the pic in my signature file until May 25, 2020) that we bought a few months earlier and sold some years ago, so some posts were about it instead.

The following description is a combination of my writing plus info from various websites on this RAV4 (including a VIN-decoder website):


Assembled In Toyota City, Japan, in November 1999 (2000 model year; last year of the classic RAV4.1s!)

All-around visibility out is excellent thanks to the sloping hood, tall driving position, and generously-sized windows

Clear title, and the two original keys

No accidents with us, and none aparent from the first owner (I can't remember if I did a CarFax then or since, but I often did/do)

About 108,000 miles now as shown in the picture above of the cluster on May 25, 2020. Had turned to 100,000 miles back in January 2016:

Stock 2.0 liter 3S-FE fuel injected engine; uses regular-grade gasoline (or mid-grade on occasion for a little more pep)

Four speed automatic transmission (filter, gasket, and fluid changed some years ago)

All-Wheel Drive (transfer case's, and rear differential's fluid changed some years ago)

Air-Conditioning (one can of R-134a needed every six years or so)

Factory leather seating, and matching door panels and headrests (the latter are different from the base-model's fabric} ("grey"; leather is quite a rare 4.1 option)

OEM cruise control

OEM 16 inch alloy wheels, with OEM wheel locks and key

Then-top-rated General Grabber HTS 215/70R16 tires in 2012, still with about 75% tread

Optional “hard” spare tire cover; classic rear-door mounted spare tire with steel wheel

Power steering / tilt column

Power brakes -- disc front, drum rear

Power door locks

Power windows

Power side mirrors

Power factory-installed moonroof (no leaks)

Intermittent front and rear wipers, front and rear washers

Rear window defogger


Original Deep Jewel Green Pearl Metallic (KD4 / 6P3) paint

Privacy glass, with tinting added to the front doors' windows to match

OEM lower body cladding

OEM fender flares ("Mudguards" = PN 76095-42090)

Aftermarket small rear mud flaps (Contura "Splash Guards" Type G)

OEM roof racks (with keys)

Four built-in tow hooks


Custom-modified aftermarket reflective windshield shade; keeps it cooler inside and helps protect the dashpad when parked outside.

Tachometer, digital odometer and dual trip meter, and digital clock

Upgraded sound system: Kenwood KDC-222 AM/FM radio/CD player with removable face. Four speakers; fronts = 3-way Kenwood KFC-C1739ie 6.75 inch, rears = 2-way Kenwood KFC-C1677. All from Crutchfield and installed with their adapter kit. Sound great; a big upgrade from stock.

Front door pockets and dash slots provide storage, while dual cupholders are integrated into the lower instrument panel.

Dual front airbags, front seatbelt pretensioners and force-limiters, and side-impact door beams.

Owner manual (in the OEM black folder in the glove box) and other paperwork (including a copy of the front of the first owner's title, and various equipment manuals)

Optional matching center/console arm rest/box w/ padded lid. Its compartment has a coin tray and a CD holder, and there are cupholders both inside and on the back.

Full carpeting plus floor and cargo mats, all OEM

OEM jack, and tire iron kit

50/50 split, folding rear seat (with headrests, may not be in the picture(s) but I have them; removed/stored for more visibility out the rear)

OEM rear door bags (a rare accesory!)

Cargo net (no holddowns were installed/provided though)

OEM auxiliary power outlet and two covered cubby-holes in the rear cargo area

Engine bay:

The VIN decoder site says it had the All Weather Guard Package (heavy-duty battery and starter motor, larger windshield-washer reservoir and rear heater ducts)

New 35-3 650 amp battery in January 2019


A box of spare/original parts, including the original horns, many replaced electrical parts, etc.

Improvements, all done reversibily to allow a full concorse restoration in the future:

Keyless remote with anti-theft ignition immobilizer

Much better horns = FIAMM 74100 El Grande (much louder Cadillac-clones; not obnoxious); OEM horns are included if you want to restore.

Added extra negative battery-to-engine ground cable (to enhance starting and charging)

Valve stem seals replaced with long-life Vitons

Less restrictive Walker turbo muffler assembly (but is not loud)

{The no-modifications-made aftermarket dashcam, outdoor air thermometer, and plates will be removed before sale, as the subwoofer has been already.}


Some repairs/maintenance done since we purchased it, mostly as preventive maintenance:

Valve stem seals replaced via the head removal method, so the pistons and combustion chambers were cleaned, and valves lapped too while in there. New head- and valve cover-gaskets, and head bolts, installed. Hasn't needed any oil added between routine oil-changes.

Timing belt kit (Gates; in June 2014 at 94,700 miles), water pump, thermostat, water temperature sensor, radiator hoses (Gates), serpentine and power steering pumps' belts (Gates), power steering fluid, PCV valve

Oxygen sensor, and idle air control valve + gasket

Several tune-ups including new spark plugs and wires

Both ignition coil packs

Many air filters, oil and oil filter changes

Underhood fuel filter

Front and rear wiper blades

Front and rear brake job (OEM pads and antirattle kit, resurfaced discs, aftermarket shoes, drums, and rear hardware kit) {still about ??% left; still need to check}, new brake hoses, and recent brake fluid flush

Rear shock absorbers

New muffler in June 2019

Four-wheel alignment in 2012 {maybe 14,000 miles since}

(Red) rear side marker lens and buckets {originals known to die of age-related plastic-fatigue}

Both front door's exterior latch-handles/buckets {ditto, but from most-frequent doors' use}


Known defects:

Body dings and scratches, from normal wear-and-tear

Console box was cracked and repaired; also has an aftermarket replacement folding cupholder installed on its rear (I've seen original versions for sale on eBay).

Transmission has had a slightly soft 2-3 shift since we bought it; no change since. All other shifts are fully firm.

Surface rust on some suspension components. K-member seems solid.

Rear window's tint (OEM, or film added by first owner?) has small missing patch.


Also available, for extra, if the RAV-4 is sold:

OEM 2000 Toyota RAV-4 Factory Service Manual (3 parts, including the electrical wiring diagrams) and a Haynes RAV4 manual.

A bunch of new oil and air filters.


From a website's description of the 2000 RAV4's optional-equipment packages:

Extra Value packages. Extra Value Package #1 ($1,547) adds air conditioning, AM/FM/cassette, cruise control, power windows, mirrors and door locks, cloth head rests. That brings the base price for a real-world 2WD model with 5-speed manual to $18,215 -- or $19,625 for a 4WD 5-speed model.

To add some sportiness to the looks of your RAV4, you'll need the $2,399 RAV4L Special Edition (Extra Value Package #2), which adds color-keyed door handles, mirrors, bumpers and body cladding, cruise control, alloy wheels and privacy glass to the above. Package #3 ($3,029) includes the above plus leather seating surfaces.

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All this fluff is very nice but what is the asking price? There's not enough time left in my life to read through all that crap. Post the price and make it obvious to avoid deletion of your post which will come soon if you don't reply.

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I understand loving your vehicle but $15K?! I just purchased a 2011 V6 RAV for less than that!
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Good! Enjoy your RAV4. However, the first generation of desirable models tend to do better long term as collectables, especially the highly optioned versions (think SS Camaros, etc.). The 4.1s were arguably the first successful unibody CUVs, and their quirky looks very memorable. Like with all things that become collectibles, as an age-group reaches their high earning years they want to buy great things from their youths. The 4.1's time is arriving; the newest is now 20 years old.

Maybe your model too someday, if you take care of it and hold it a very long time?

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Looks nice but can't imagine buying a 20 years old RAV4. I sold a 2007 Highlander then bought my 2020 RAV4 TRD in order to get TSS 2.0 and save some gas.
Good luck!

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Did you join the site in 2008? Come from the first version before then, like me?
Yep. Good luck, you'll need it at that price.

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Is yours FWD or AWD? If FWD, it looks like my old Silver Bullet! Sold a while back to a fellow in southern Kansas, for his daughter.

It is a FWD. I'm enjoying it a lot. It reminds me a lot of the 1997 RAV4 my mother drove for a couple of years after I graduated high school. Still one my favorite vehicles that my family has owned!
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