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1998 RAV4 AWD Automatic
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Hello everyone,

I have a steel skid plate for a first gen rav4 available for sale.

The skid plate can be seen on the manufacturers website here:

The front of the plate mounts to two unused threaded holes under the bumper. The rear of the plate mounts into two holes in the frame further back (which can be seen in the pictures from the manufacturer). The holes in the rear are not threaded, so the skid plate comes with small rectangular mounting plates that have the appropriately threaded holes in them, which need to be welded onto the body over top of those frame holes.

I was going to have a friend weld those mounting plates on for me this weekend, but as fate would have it, my Rav4 was totaled on the interstate earlier in the week.

The skid plate was never used or installed, so I figured perhaps another first gen owner in the US might be able to use it. The plate covers the oil pan, gearbox, underside of the radiator, and motor.

The plate is located in South Central PA. I am selling it for $320 + shipping. Please feel free to PM me with any questions.

Cash, Zelle, and PayPal are my preferred methods of payment.



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