Hey guys, I'm posting this to see if anyone is in need of the upper plastic cowl for a 2006-2012? This is the original piece that was on my 2006 Rav4.
It had that annoying issue with the narrow rubber strip popping out of place that meets the windshield, but just about a 8" section on the driver side.
I ordered a new replacement cowl because I didn't want to risk a used one missing that skinny weather strip or it being damaged (not a fun price to pay).
Of course it's after I ordered the new cowl that I decided to try repairing the weather strip with a bead of silicone adhesive. I taped it in place for a day and it stayed in place when I removed the old cowl this evening so it seems to be fixed. Oh well, that's how I usually do things, backwards.
I'm in the Memphis, TN area and shipping could likely be somewhat expensive due to the length of it, so I'm primarily interested someone picking it up that's somewhat local.
However I will consider shipping if someone really wants it.
I'd prefer to sell it to a forum member than let it sit in the garage or sell to a local salvage yard so shoot me a message if interested and I'll take pics. Too much going on today.
Thanks guys,