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90% of what the author said is totally BS. I am pretty firm on that.

1. Installing your spark plugs a certain way will increase HP?? WTF!!!! Dude, no matter how well "install" your plugs, it all depends on the amount of air/fuel mixture that's inside your cylinder and the ignition timing of the plugs.

2. Insulate fuel lines does nothing to improve HP. Insulate fuel lines will give you a better flow on uncertain temperatures, but the amount of pressure from the pump to the fuel line is a constant, and depending on your fuel pressure regulator. Not to mention there's always excess fuel on your return line anyway. Insulating your fuel line???? OMG. You could try magnetise your fuel line, that will help to improve your fuel economy and possibly a tard on response rate. Even though you insulate your fuel line, your injector rails are directly above or beside your engine head, which shares the same amount of heat. No matter how much you insulate it, the fuel temperature by the time it gets to the injectors will be the same.

3. IAT(Intake air temperature sensor). This is more for the injectors to say 3% more fuel and 3% less fuel. This is to compensate for winter/summer and to prevent lean running on the cyliners, thus causing over heating on the engine block. Nothing more than telling the computer to run richer and hence you have a cooler explosion. As with HP gains, it all depends on the ignition timing as well.

4. Synthetic oil does provide better lubrication, but not necessarily the HP. Synthetic oil does not break down as easily as mineral oil, therefore it provides a more constant lubrication system on the engine causing less wear and better various temperature lubrication. One thing you can count on is that the Mazda Rotary engine does not use synthetic oil and it has no problem at all. Some people even claim mineral oil gives better HP. Overall, it all come down to the viscosity of the oil you use. Thinner oil provides less friction in the engine, and this creates more HP, but you have to change it more often.

5. This is the only true thing I heard so far. More H2O provides better cooling in your engine. Glycol and the rest of the stuff are rust inhibotors and have no effect on performance. To get a certain performance, the engine has to run at a minimal temperature(as each engine differs). More H2O does not mean more HP, but better cooling. It does not mean cooler engine give you better HP.

6. Throttle body coolant: Main purpose is for the idling sensor. Removing it causes the engine idling speed to soar. As with HP gain wise. It's not a proven fact and still a debatable question. To me, I don't know, but as you have no hot coolant on your throttle body, it means lowe air temperature, hence cooler air and denser air particles per volume. This might explain why, but as with that much extra torque gain, it's a variable, depending on the room temperature and setup.

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its an old thread but BUMP

its proven that indexing spark plugs does increase HP. If you expose the open side of the spark plug to the incoming air fluel charge, you get a slightly more efficient burn. Hotrod mag and many others have written articles on it and its benefits. Its one of the first things we learned in the hot rod program at UTI.

Im not sure either about insulating of the fuel lines. Kinda makes sense, colder fuel might help cool the air as well and and thereby decreasing cylinder temps. Some cars are easy than others to insulate the fuel rail. RAV4's have theres tucked behind the motor, so insulating it would be tough.

relocating the IAT sensor is like using a resistor that you get on e-bay for your IAT. FOrcing the car to run richer all the time and not just in the summer so that, again, more fuel, colder cylinder temps, more power.

synthetic oil is a way to gain extra HP as well. If you compared a 5w30 weight conventional and synthetic oil, you would see at a molecular level that the synthetic fibers that make up the oil are smaller and more uniform. Convention oil molecules differ in size and are much bigger causing slighty more drag. Also, since synthetic oild protects better, one can run a lighter weight oil than normal and not worry about negine damage due the oils ability to protect better. Syn oil also dosnt sludge up or leave deposits like normal oil does, thereby keeping your engine runner stronger-longer.

Messing with coolant ratios is silly. 50/50 mix and your golden. Water wetter is cool too. But engineers spent a lot of time figuring out that the 3SFE likes to run at a certain temp and is most efficient at the temp that the ECU regulates it at. If you over cool or over heat the enging you will just wear it out faster and loose HP.

Ive always disconnected the coolant lines to the throttle body on all my cars and have had no idling problems. Again, keeping your throttle body and manifold colder keeps the air inside it colder as well. Many cars have performance intake manifold gaskets available that dont transfer heat from the block into the manifold.
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