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Hi All,

I have the following scenario: I have a 2016 Rave4 limited. I am using an iPhone 7s and it is connected via Bluetooth (for phone use). I want to use Google Maps for navigation guidance and have the audio come through the Phone and not the car. To do that, in Google Maps, Settings, Navigation Settings, I have Play voice over Bluetooth set to Off, and I have Guidance volume at Louder.

This works, HOWEVER, the problem is that the volume always resets to 0. If the Guidance isn't actively talking and I try to increase the volume, all I am getting is that I am already at maximum volume, which is not for the guidance. The only way I can get it to a reasonable voice level, is by waiting until the Guidance is trying to say something, and then at the same time quickly hitting the volume up button on the phone to go up from 0 bars to something audible.

This is super annoying! Has anyone else shared this experience and is there any workaround or something I am missing?

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