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I finally got my V6 RAV4 SPORT. It is Schweeet!!! I started on April 4 and picked it up on May 26 for those of you waiting. Hang in there, it IS worth it.

My first choise color was Flint Mice, but I got Pacific Blue and love it! Having color options helped to get it MUCH sooner.

I was surprised how many after purchase items the dealer wants to try to sell you the day you pick up the vehicle. Also, when I got to the dealership it turned out the RAV had 1032 miles on it! Apparently it was swapped a second time between dealers in other states. To compensate me they gave me mud guards, an oil change with Castrol synthetic oil, and $500.00 more off the final selling price. I also had them sign a statement attesting that the vehicle was never in an accident or damaged in anyway.
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