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If anyone is on the market for tires, I wanted to share a great coupon code from eBay for Discount Tire. The offer expires on Oct 30, and it is for $100 off your purchase of $400 or more. There is also a rebate running till Oct 30 from Yokohama.

The coupon code is available for anyone -- just enter PMOTORS17 in the box at checkout, and works for all Discount Tire purchases over $400. The rebate is something you apply for separately through the Yokohama website.

I am really pleased, because I was able to get 4 new Yokohama Geolander AT G015 (size 225/70/16) for just $444, shipped -- and I will get a $60 rebate from Yokohama for buying 4 tires. They will ship to my house. I will then take them to either Costco or Discount Tire to have them mounted, which will cost about $60. So after all is said and done, I will have a very nice set of tires for under $440!

This is such a great deal. Interestingly, I have a Discount Tire down the street (Colorado), but I didn't have to pay tax on the order when I bought it on eBay. They do charge tax on purchases in AZ, OH, TX, and GA. The same tires from the Discount Tire down the street are just under $700 mounted.

Both of these offers end on Oct 30. Here are the tires I bought today:

I have been running the previous version of this tire on my '00 for the last 5 years and am very pleased. I am replacing them for wear (over 55K mi). I hope this helps someone!
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