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Hello everyone! I've been lurking a lot lately and I decided to introduce myself.

I recently wrecked my beloved 2004 Honda Civic avoiding another driver who pulled out in front of me. After a long search for a replacement vehicle I found a 2006 RAV4 V6. It had only 85k on the odometer with a great Carfax; it had no reported accidents and one who owner had the oil changed religiously every 5k, and all service was done at a Toyota dealership. The car has a lot of dings and scratches because it spent its life in a university town, but it's mechanically solid. I'm in love with it already and I've only had it for two weeks.

I chose this vehicle because I was looking for a used Honda, Toyota, Subaru or Nissan under $10k with fewer than 100k miles on it, and I was primarily interested in AWD/4WD vehicles because I drive to Michigan fairly often, and I want something that can handle snow well. I did not want a CR-V because I didn't want the same vehicle as my girlfriend, and this RAV4 was the best car in my area for the money. I live in the country, but I commute to work in a suburb of Chicago, so my driving is a mix of highway/city, but not true city driving. I'm consistently getting 23 mpg.

My favorite things about the RAV4 are the cargo space, the ride height, and the engine. After driving a 4 cyl my whole life, this V6 seems pretty lively! I'm expecting this vehicle to last me a long time!
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