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Here's how I modded my grill:

1) Cut out the entire inside louvers using a dremel rotary tool with a metal cutting blade. I used the dremel again with a sanding drum to even up the cut. I then used an orbital sander to level out the cut edges of the frame.
2) Cut the mesh to fit so it overlaps inside of the frame.
3) Attached the mesh into place with UV resistant zip ties. I tried a hot glue gun that I read others had used for this purpose but it failed on mine.
4) Put a new badge on the grill, self adhesive, but to make sure it stays I used an industrial adhesive as well
5) I plan to use stainless steel hardware through the mesh to reattach the grill to the car.

Tools needed:
1) 10mm deep well socket and rachet to take the grill off
2) Dremel rotary tool with steel cutting blade, and sanding drums
3) Orbital sander with 120 grit sand paper

1 ea - CCG 6"x36" Perforated Hex Grill Mesh Sheet - Gloss Black (
1 ea - Premium 3D Metal Decal / Sticker - Punisher Skull for Car, Truck and Motorcycle 3" X 2.2" (Gunmetal) (
1 cn - Rust Oleum trim paint, black (Home Depot
12 ea - Zip ties, UV resistant, black, (

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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