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Grille Lights For the Adventure TRD??

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Hi All. Has anybody installed raptor style grille lights for the Adventure TRD trim which has the larger rectangular cutouts in the grill? Pictures please. Thanks!
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Let me know if you find. I been looking and can't find any.
There is not a specific kit for our grilles, you can see one install option HERE . The other option is to swap out the grille for an aftermarket one, several members have switched to the Taco Vinyl Pro Grille.

Cheers 🍻
3bMakers on Etsy sells raptor light bezels for 4Runners. They look they will work. I was going to ask for the measurements though because it looks like we would need all 4 to be the same size for ours. I'm not sure if we'd need 4 of the longer outsides or the shorter insides.
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Got them installed on my 2019 Rav4 the other day, $35 on Amazon and they fit into the grille, they clip in, no drilling, etc.

I dont see any for your car but also keep in mind, you can also buy them from other suppliers that serve emergency vehicles. I'm a volunteer firefighter and will at some point outfit my Rav4 with emergency lights. Below are a few sites I buy from, many police and fire and EMS departments use these brands for their vehicles. Whelen is the best brand, made in Connecticut. Be sure to order Amber, Amber/Amber.

LED Outfitters , Galls Public Safety Equipment, Strobes R Us
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