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I dont know about some of you but I have no idea why the heck the stats for ground clearance and angles of approach/dep are different depending on which toyota website you look at. I know tire tread depth has something to do with it but its not that big a difference. Are the RAV4's all that different or is there no standard way of measuring(where and how)? Just curious but its odd as most other manufacturers are consistant for the most part.

Stock 21570R16 tires for all

North america, toyota says the RAV4 has the following:

Ground Clearance: 170mm
Approach/Departure angles: 28/29
Australia and a bunch of others say:

Ground Clearance: 190mm
Approach/Departure angles: 30/30
My RAV4 measures:

Ground Clearance: 177mm(lowest point in the front because of that dum"in my opinion" exhaust coming out of the engine)
Approach/Departure angles: 30/30(not very accurate but I used plywood and engineering digital angle finder)

I measured the rest and mine is as follows(approx, I used a metre stick and a level plus ruler for the middle):

Middle: 223mm
Rear: 180mm(again exhaust pipe)
Probably not very important in the grand scheme of things but does toyota need to hire a 4x4 enthusiast to measure?
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