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Hi - I have an intermitent problem with my Rav 4 when driving in heavy rain, or through puddles.
Suddenly I get what I can only descibe as a sort of growling noise from the front and what appears slightly less power. If I change down and accelerate slowly the noise goes. Have you any suggestions. The Rav is 1998 and 4wd.

many thanks

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Without hearing the noise, my guess is either the spark plugs or the spark plug wires. I wonder if moisture could be getting in where your spark plug wires connect to the ignition coils.

If you haven't changed the spark plugs or the plug wires it could be a good time to do it now.

I had a similar experience with a mini, many moons ago, when I would lose a lot of power in the wet. On that occasion it was the condensor, but I doubt it is both of yours.
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