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Hello. Warranty expired male from the GTA area of Ontario, Canada. that is a proud owner of a 2016 LE Rav4. My mission is to see how long I can make her last.

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Welcome aboard from South of London, ON.
- and our Blue Jays aren't doing so good this year...never traded for good bats, in off-season
- and I have access to seasons tickets / 20 rows behind 3rd base...:frown

Some of these Toyota's go 400K miles, so you better "get-er" rustproofed annually.
Wax-oil spray like Fluid Film is best / TSC has cans on sale periodically @ $10 each.
- wife has 141,500 Km on her 2008 Limited v6 and it still feels like brand new

Here is the best place to get premium drill & slotted brake rotor & ceramic pad.
- 4 wheel Brake Kits, from the GTA area:
ELITE xDS Series, very best:

Post some pcs. / love to see your pride & joy...few photos of our Canadian Gen3 RAV4 below:

^^ You asked & you shall receive / 2013 Highlander 7-spoke rims (17x7.5" takeoffs), fit perfect:
- went on yesterday / last snow fall & freezing rain, was a week ago

Loads of mounting clearance & rims adds a measure of newness, to the Gen3 RAV4 look.
- Highlander rims are only half inch wider than original 2008 Limited alloys / not an issue
- Firestone Le2's still tuck inside fender flares, very nicely / for dedicated 3 season use

Kelly dobe approved:
- silver powder coat was polished with AUTO GLYM sealant / on sale purchase @ Canadian Tire
- tire foam spray was a kleen-flo product, from NAPA/UAP / good stuff
Small quantities of brake dust, easily wipe off slick aluminum rims / with a dry paper towel.
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