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LugNut lives ... just been busy finishing a book, and my two RAV4.1s have been perfectly reliable ... until now.

One has a dang security system that was originally installed by Gulf States Toyota in Texas. If your RAV4 came from TX, LA, MS, AL, or FL, you might have one of these systems too. They are different from the factory-supplied systems, and have "Securikey+" on the face of the remotes.

Well ... I had bought a spare new alarm system on eBay, for spare parts, and have been glad I did! The programming instructions are available on-line, as is a warning that some ~1998 units were recalled.

Two days ago all four remotes failed to work. This has happened before, but this time reprogramming them didn't work. I just finished swapping out the control box tonight (noisy, but was easy), but only one remote now programs (better than none, I guess). I've just ordered new remote batteries off eBay (but the old ones don't seem that bad), and will try programming them all again.

Anyone else have this alarm system too?

Had the same problem with the remotes? Find a solution?

Anyone successfully remove (or replace with something more reliable) the Securikey+ system?

Thanks for your comments. Misery loves company ...
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