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head unit installation question?

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just bought a Sony Mex-N5100BT for my Rav 4.1 and while putting together the wiring harness adapter i see it has a separate ground pictured, anyone here that has done on on here know a good placement for this ground wire i wanted to do this tomorrow morning it seems fairly easy other than i don't know where to exactly ground it. any info would be great!


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Check the "Elect Connectors__Ground___Splice.pdf" from this link:

On page 38 you will find two ground points near the location of the head unit ("IE", "IF").
To gain access to them I suggest removing the lower dash trim piece (the one surrounding the cigarette lighter). Just place your fingers to the back of the piece where it attaches to the main dash piece and pry it off. It's only clip-fastened so, minimal force should do it.
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