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Hella Super Tone Install

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Wasn't too happy with the oem horns, and not planning to run an air horn until later. So I picked up some Hella Super Tones on Craigslist to replace them. In all honesty I kind of like the Sharp Tone sound a little more, but I got a killer couldn't pass it up lol. Anyway the install was pretty straight forward, I removed the hood latch and top plastic to access the factory horns. Here are the super tones when i got them, then a side by side with the oem horn

So as far as installation, it is a pretty straight forward straight replacement with the exception of the ground connection to the horn. The factory horn has a (+) terminal and grounds directly through the mounting bolt. The Hella Horns have a 2 terminals, so I hooked up the factory (+) to the bottom terminal, and made a ground wire (shown in picture) that uses the mounting bolt to ground. Since the RAV4 has 2 horns already, I did not need to use the relay.

And just like that, we have way louder horns!

For sound clip, here is the IG post I did
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Are you in MA, by any chance? I would pay you to help me install them. Lol
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Are you in MA, by any chance? I would pay you to help me install them. Lol
I'm in Texas lol, but the install isn't too bad! There's a guy that made a really good write up here. The only difference is I grounded mine to the mounting bolt instead of where he did

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