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Hey first post,
I own a 1998 rav4, had it for around 4-5 years now. Between me and the wife i don't think we are ever going to sell it.
Im getting to the point where i want to try get some of the accessories that were made for them.
I find the stock 2l a little under powered but still enjoy driving it the same as when i first bought it.

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Welcome from S/W Ontario / like to see a photo of it, the older one just go on forever.
- but from SK, keep them oil spray undercoated, annually
My 1967 Beaumont Sport Deluxe, came out of Saskatoon (in 1985).
- rust still penetrated the trunk floor & quarters
^^ Rust never sleeps, but proper undercoating with a wax-oil based spray, helps big time !!

Took me 4 decades, to get bit by the Toyota bug (last year):
- wife now drives a 2008 Limited, v6
- son drives a 2015 Lexus RX350
- Dad just got a 2000 4Runner SR5, v6, auto. / mine 4x4 be kept another 15 years (plus)

The older ones, are just so reliable & not overly-complicated to fix - easy cost of ownership.
- such is the attraction & the exterior designs, just seemed right
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