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Hello from Downunder!

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Hello everyone!

A recent change in circumstances sees me moving 4600km north into the tropics. My current hatchback, although in great condition ('08 with 48k) will simply not handle daily mountain driving to and fro the airport. I fondly remember my very first car, a 1997 RAV4J Type G. Boy it was fun to drive, so naturally I went scouring through the listings for a RAV4 and learnt the '08 models came with the V6. Took one for a quick spin and boy I'm hooked. I'm now an owner of a 2008 RAV4 ZR6. It still bears a slight resemblance to the original RAV4, though I use that term loosely, especially compared to the latest iteration but wow, 10 years apart and the RAV4 has grown significantly! I can't wait to drive this thing from MEL to CNS in a few months' time!

Here he is! (Looking for a suitable moniker, preferably one starting with "R." Open to suggestions.)

Kind regards,
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Good afternoon all,

Papers are signed, and I took over the keys last night.

Here are a few photos I took before and after cleaning.

I really have to get used to having a very light right foot... it's quite addictive!

After a wash

There won't be many modifications to it, mostly cosmetics such as a new steering wheel cover, and different globes. Coming from bixenons, the halogens are quite dim.

Kind regards

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Lovely RAV :D, the V6 is what would get me into a modern RAV too. not a huge fan of the styling, but at least the 4.3 still keeps the spare tyre on the rear door :D

as for a name starting with R, you could call him Remus, or Romulus if your into Roman history?
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