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I’m Leonard from Missouri and one of my passions is loving life and having good days, whether I’m watching a Cardinal game, reading the fishing reports, spoiling my granddaughters, or just reminiscing with the wife, life is good!
I’ve been associated with various user and focus groups in my IT profession, but have never come across such an impressive forum as Toyota Rav4. I’ve learned a lot just reading the various posts. Although not very mechanically inclined, and as a new member to this forum my desire is to provide some tangible contribution in some small way!
In the meantime, my wife purchased and fell in love with her 2003 Rav4 three years ago..(She calls it Buggy).
With mileage at 113,000 the Rav4 now goes into a really harsh 2-3 upshift and bangs and lurches. Sometimes on 2nd gear, downshift will not shift. After running diagnostics, our mechanic determined via several Toyota dealers, the problem is a defective Engine Control Module (ECM) which typically warrants replacement and possible transmission replacement. We were also told any recalls on the ECM has expired and total cost for repair is on us.
The Rav4 continues to run, albeit, extremely rough, and my wife refuses to drive for safety concerns. I’m
wondering if there’s any recourse availability to me in requesting Toyota or the local dealership to take on some of the repair cost. Any help by the forum is greatly appreciated. Thanks so much..


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Welcome, Leonard, and thanks for the kind words. Tell your wife my computer is called Buggy. As an IT professional, I'm sure you'll appreciate that! You need to get that ECM repaired ASAP before it causes transmission damage. The guys at Check Engine, Inc. in Brooklyn can take care of it in a couple of days for about $250:

Check Engine, Etc.
2731 Stillwell Ave
NY, 11224

To contact us:
Phone: 718-449-1734
E-mail: [email protected]

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JuneBug's advice is truly heartening. I would go for it. Your wife's RAV4 might be cured for a reasonable price.
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