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Successful install of

PAC SWI-CP5 (not designed for 2015 but made it work, only cost 40 bucks)
antenna adaptor
usb adapter
metra wire harness
scorch dash kit

The problem im having is finding where the

positive camera feed?
negative camera feed?

positive power camera wire?
negative power camera wire?
(I know the camera needs 6volts, plan on using a transistor to step down voltage, maybe)

a wire behind radio dash that supplies 12 volts or 6 volts when in reverse? I know I can get from fuse box but surely there is something behind radio dash.

I cannot find any information that shows a PICTURE of the plug and which pin # are where.
ive used
but doesn't say where the camera power cables are.

This is for 2015 rav4 XLE no jbl no nav

after I get camera installed I plan on posting detailed instructions for others, much like

your help is greatly appreciated

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Mine is 2015 RAV4 LE. The back of radio looks different. I replaced it with an aftermarket one. The new unit came with all connectors. I saw the 2 camera power wires connected to a cambus which controls the buttons on steering wheel. So I think you can find these reverse power in steering wheel area.

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I believe I have figured it out. I used this guide from a 2014 Tundra.

How To: Factory Reverse Camera To Aftermarket Head Unit (with parts links)

For the 2015 rav4 xle I was able to figure out which wires(pin locations) I needed to use. But the problem was all the wire colors are all different on the rav4 vs tundra. Which is very odd. My guess, now a guess only, Toyota uses 7 or 8 bundles of wiring harness all with the same types and pin allocations(with the same type of connectors ) for their tundra,camry, rav4 etc, but when they contract out the work to assemble the wiring harness they really don't give a rats rear what color wire they use for every pin allocation. Really no standard.

I just made temporary connections to make sure everything worked before soldering the final.

found the reverse signal wire, the video power pos and neg , the video signal feed pos and neg the speed signal wire(but didn't use because for my radio is not gps, or higher end pioneer like the 4100)

I used

so I didn't have to find them wires

this is a guess, guess only--- 2013,2014,2015 rav4 the connector, you will see different color wires used for the speed sensor, reverse signal wire, and video power pos and negs wires.

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I can not recommend the PAC SWI-CP5 (steering wheel control module) if you are installing in a 2015 rav4. The concept of simple plug and play is great. Simply plug your android phone into the supplied usb connector of the module, pull up the app , customize which buttons on steering wheel do what function.

But as of today, PAC's application still does not list the 2015. I had to select 2014 under the app menu, erase every preset options they had listed and go line by line testing what buttons on steering wheel actually controlled what functions on the pioneer. This took around a hour, for what should have been a 2min job. I emailed PAC and asked when they will be able to update the app to list 2015 , they had no eta, as soon as they get one in their shop.( My guess is the resistors inside the steering wheel have changed from 2014 to 2015 rav4.

on steering wheel I have set

< track down, preset down
> track up, preset up
volume + volume up
volume - voulume down
mode mode on radio , changes between radio, dvd, Bluetooth, Pandora etc without touching screen if you want
hold mode button down will mute or att the sound out of speakers
hang up hang up phone
answer answer phone
speech brings up your phones siri or android speak commands

for a couple of days I was using the speech function it sucked, until I figured out what I needed to change on my phone.
I would press speech button , I would say call john doe and my phone(though the car speakers) was asking me "did you mean call bob?"
hell no lol

using a android lg g3
I had to go under settings general apps you will see DOWNLOADED, ON SD CARD, RUNNING, ALL, DISABLED
I had to disable my default voice recognition(VOICE COMMAND) (This is what lg put on the phone that came from factory)
the pioneer deck, I guess defaults to just use the first voice control app it finds on your android phone, and it picked the crappiest, oldest one.
I disabled the app and now it uses a better voice app from lg(I didn't have to download a new one, it was already on phone)(no problems now, perfect voice recognition ). I latter want to figure out how to set google voice as default
I imagine if I had a iPhone it would default to siri)

probably around Christmas ill order me 2 amps, one for speakers and one for small subwoofer been eyeballing the small ones from Rockford. I'm wanting to put directly behind the back seats under the spring folding flaps. Should have good airflow when the seats are upright and not laying flat. Heck, I might put a 12 volt pc fan under there to keep cool. May have to put the amps on a small sheet of aluminum and use plastic straps somehow to secure. Don't know if I want to be drilling amp securing bolts into the frame since the gas tank is under that spot. I will not be putting under the front seats, there is a ac duct under them both(heat on amps in winter, nope). Not going to cut any part of my covered storage bin. Also been thinking about amp location in the storage bin to left of spare tire.()

the punch or power series, the boosted rail amps or the power amps that people use in motorcyles. still undecided
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