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I'm about to give up on the configuration I want, but I've noticed a lot of you are pretty good about finding cars when other members have given up, so this is my last hope.

I'm looking for the following config. I'm willing to fly out and drive the car back up to 500 miles or so from the Atlanta area. I've already checked the Southeastern Toyota distributor and my car isn't out there, and doesn't look to be coming in anytime soon.

2006 RAV4 (obviously)

Limited trim, but Base would also be acceptable

2WD, although I'd accept 4WD


Barcelona Red. I might also consider Pacific Blue, possibly Nautical Blue or Black as well. Just no Silver, Everglade, Savannah or White

Third-row seats. This is where the shortage obviously is, but there are cars out there with third-row, just not in the trim or color I want. If it's a Limited this is the only option I would really want, although I realize I may be stuck with other options and that would be acceptable if I could keep the price close to $24-25K. If it's a Base I wouldn't mind the roof racks or color-keyed fender flares.

So there you have it. I've searched over 100 dealer websites in Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, Carolina, etc. and cannot find my car. A local Atlanta dealer is getting ready to pull the trigger on getting me a V6 Sport in Barcelona Red, but it won't have the third row seats which I would really like. Any help before I have to settle for the Sport would be appreciated.
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