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I installed the longer door hinge on my wifes Rav a couple of years ago with help from a post somewhere on the forum, and now I need to take the back door apart again. We had a new rear window fitted (the demisting element went one week before the warranty expired so luckily we got it done free !) but they have obviously left something loose or not fitted correctly when they put the door trim back on. It now rattles like a bag of spanners, and the dealer can't look at it until after Christmas !! It is diriving us crazy !

I was going to take the trim off myself to see if I can see what they have done, but cannot find the instructions here anymore. Does anyone have the instructions, or the link ?

I seem to remember that you need to gently ease the plastic clips on the door trim off in a certain order else they will break, so any help will be much appreciated.

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