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Hi there, we had our RAV4 serviced last June and they informed us of the following fault codes:

P1251 - Step Motor For Turbo Control (Intermittent Fault)
P1229 - Fuel System Range Performance Fault
P1266 - Fuel Pressure Too Low in High Pressure System
P1625 - ECM Intermittent Control Fault Communication Malfunction
P0046 - Turbo Boost Control Solenoid (Range Performance Error)

Thereon they wiped these codes and nothing has appeared since but the car is not the best to drive and above 2000 revs it feels like it wants to cut out and on certain occasions has.

My question is will these fault cost a lot to deal with vs how old the car is (it's an 04) plate or should we part ex and get another car?

Really would appreciate someone coming back on this, Many Thanks,

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I moved your post to where you'll likely get more responses, hopefully from a member with a Diesel RAV4 which we don't have in America. But from my knowledge of them with my F-250s I'd guess the other codes and your symptoms may be from "P1266 - Fuel Pressure Too Low in High Pressure System." Could be as simple as a clogged fuel filter.

It has happened to me. I was looking for a more complex reason for a severe loss of towing power when a friend suggested changing the filter. I did. Instant fix!

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P1251 Overboost code

Hi, I've had the same problem on & off for the past couple of years & its gradually gotten worse to the point that it was never taken out of town due to the risk of it going into limp mode.

A little background:

Its a 2005 D4D 2.0 engine.
The problem started shortly after buying it second hand & gradually got worse over a couple of years.
The symptoms: No power below 1500rpm
It would go like a train & then hiccup followed by limp mode. Usually switching off & on a few times followed by a couple of minutes rest & it would run ok. (EMS light would stay on for a few more starts)
Re-set with a cheap scan tool wouldn't always work, so relied on the above.
Recently when accelerating, it would bog down or stutter before either taking off or going into limp, 50/50 each time.
It also has the well known howl
The problems always seemed more likely when either fully loaded, towing a small trailer, or climbing a hill.

Tried cleaning the turbo with a dedicated cleaner - no joy
Tried changing the fuel filter - no change in either performance or howl.
Tried cleaning the SCV's & contacts on the electrical side - some improvement, but still not 100%
Tested the actuator on the turbo - OK & appears to have a full range of movement.

Finally bit the bullet & swapped out the SCV's today & took it for a short test drive & it seems ok.
It's noticeably smoother in acceleration now, but less powerful.
This would make sense in some way, as it's no longer overboosting & running lean.
Before, it had no power low down, followed by a kick up the backside & it would taper off around 4krpm.
Now it pulls from idle revs going up hill, whereas before it would almost stall.

Hope this helps someone else, & if there are any further developments, I'll keep you posted.
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