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Hi all,
I recently purchased a 2004 Rav4, which has a fancy looking Eonon d5167 head unit. It has a touchscreen, bluetooth calls, a previous gen iPod in cable, and all sorts of inputs- but I can't find a way to connect my phone (Android) to it!

This is the Eonon page for the head unit: Eonon D5167 | Car DVD | Specific Car DVD | Car DVD for Toyota
Here is the manual for it, with a diagram of the inputs on page 1:
Picture of that diagram below.

There is no simple 3.5mm aux in.

I though I could simply plug a L/R RCA (male) to 3.5mm aux cable into the audio inputs in the rear. But when I set that up, the head unit didn't recognize any aux input.

I've tried plugging a USB cable into the rear USB connection, which started to charge my phone but which wasn't detected by the head unit.

Is there some way to get this working, or do I just have to throw it out and spend on a new head unit?

Thanks in advance,


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